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committee held the much anticipated hearing, with kathleen sebelius, let's see her try to wiggle out of accountability for this mess. >> let me say directly to the americans you deserve better. i apologize. i am accountable to you for fixing these problems. >> stewart: that was weird. i wonder if her apology will in any way affect any certain grandstanding type congress people who might have planned on shaming her into apologizing with some kind of weird prop or something. >> i came with a quote from american icon. hold up a poster that says if you are having a problem, it is our problem. and i am glad to hear you base this philosophy to your actions today. >> stewart: now, i am really glad you embrace this philosophy although i paid pretty good money for this sign, and just a heads-up, if you, i got this big sign and it cost a lot of money, that's all. i felt like a (bleep) driving it on top of my car. >> poor guy. how would you feel if you spent all night preparing (bleep) sandwich for your enemy's, enemies to eat only to have them sit down and unwrap their own (bleep) sandwich. to
.gov wasn't doing well. >> kathleen sebelius said that the president didn't know about the website problems until after the launch. >> when did you know there was a problem? >> it became clear fairly early on. the first couple days that -- >> but not before that though? not before october 1? >> jon: you didn't know there would be problems until the day -- this is your signature program. your name is on it. you look like the charmin bear just found out what people do with his toilet paper. you put this where? i've been rubbing this on my face for years! may be a bit concerning that the president wasn't kept in the loop about the program named after him. but appeared to be very few loops. >> for the first time, the government revealed that it man -- monitored some 35 world leaders, including angela merkel. and the president was kept in the dark about it for five years. >> jon: what? so for five years. i assume the president is being presented with the findings from this world leader monitoring. never occurred to him in five years, how are we getting this? does the president believe in surveil
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)